Located on the Pacific Ocean inĀ 

The Perfect Getaway

Welcome to Salinas, Ecuador!  Located on the bay of a peninsula just two degrees south of the equator, on the Pacific Ocean side of South America.

My name is Paul Franklin and I live in Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada.   and I purchased the condo in October of 2012.  I read a lot about Ecuador and I have had a fascination of this country since I was a child studying history.  I immediately fell with the country the first time I visited.  The infrastructure of this country is progressing very rapidly due to good government.  I see many new highways and new buiildings being built everywhere I go.  When I walk the streets of Salinas at night, I have no fear--even though I am carrying a very expensive camera with me.  The people are incredibly friendly and helpful.  You will find an ever increasing expat population in this city.  There are good restaurants, car rentals, and taxis usually cost $1 within the city.  Yes take a taxi for the price of a coffee! 

I am sure you will enjoy your stay.  You can contact me at any time, and  we have an English speaking gentleman in Salinas who looks after these units and will act as concierage to assist you. 
Why should you choose Ecuador?   The people are fantastic!  The climate is perfect, very similar to Hawaii.  It averages 75 degrees in the winter and 85 degrees in the summer with a average humidity of 75%.  Summer is January through April--so when the weather turns cold in the northern hemisphere, Salinas is the place to be!

Ecuador is four hours from Miami, five hours from Houston, and six hours from Los Angeles. The currency in Ecuador is the U.S. Dollar, so no need to figure exchange rates.  ATM machines are abundant and easy to access. Ecuador is now the number two place to retire in the world (after Mexico) according to International Living.

If you choose, you may download Google Earth and type in Salinas Ecuador.  You will get a great look at our little city on the bay.  The coordinates of our building are 2"12' 17.81S by 80"58' 25.68W.  If you click on the pictures you will have a photo tour of our beach.  The picture by Volcan Tronador shows our building.  It is the center tower, we're the 11th floor, one below the penthouse.  

You will find  Ecuador to be full of pleasant surprises.

Leave your stress behind and immerse yourself in unparalleled relaxation at our condo/apartment on the eleventh floor of Vista del Mar.

Vista del Mar
Malecon and 24 de Mayo
Salinas, Ecuador

Paul Franklin
Cell phone: 780-812-7157 (Canada)

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